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#2. Myth: Cheating Means You Are in an Unhappy Relationship

#2. Myth: Cheating Means You Are in an Unhappy Relationship

Whether they were in a healthy relationship or not, there tends to be one major excuse someone would have for getting with an affair partner, “They Were Not Satisfying My Needs.”

There are many reasons why a betrayed partner may not be able to fulfill the sexual desires of their primary partner:

  • Discomfort while having intercourse
  • Medical procedures that make it dangerous to perform
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Low self-esteem about one’s image
  • Just not wanting to

However, while this may explain why some people cheat, it isn’t always the reason. If there were relationship issues, they would be a cause for alarm in all relationship forms. After all, there are times when we all have dry periods when it comes to sex. And while a lack of a sexual relationship has the potential to lead to cheating it is obviously not the case.

The fact that the cheating did happen could definitely mean that there are some form of relationship issues. However, there are people with affair partners who are, or say they are perfectly happy with their primary partner. Continue reading