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So I’m about to turn 37, I left my last relationship a good 2

So I’m about to turn 37, I left my last relationship a good 2

5 years ago (because he wasn’t ready to settle down and I was), and have been dating– mostly online – ever since, to no avail.

If anyone has them, would you be happy to share your stories of meeting people after 35 (or hey, even after 37!), how you met and how it went? Or stories perhaps of it *not* working out, and how you felt, and what you went on to do that might have been fulfilling in another way. It would be fantastic to read them – thank you!

It was 5 years ago next month. I was 36 and had never been on a date in my entire life (at least one I recognized while the date was occurring, rather than slapping my forehead afterwards). She was someone I knew from a small local activist group; I’d always enjoyed talking to her, but we were both shy, introverted types. We started communicating outside the group after she reached out to me on social media when I posted about returning to my apartment after a massive natural disaster. We started meeting, and spent the summer meeting up in pubs, talking, going to lecture on brutalist fГёrsteklasses nettsted for ГҐ studere architecture, rafting; neither of us was sure if this was friends or something more. (I brought up kids in a fairly early meeting and was relieved when we were on the same page.) After a few months, I finally screwed up the courage to ask “Is this a date? Because I’d like it to be.”

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We were dating within a few weeks,

My husband was 37 when he met me; I was 33. We met long ago at college, then met again playing pub trivia. We were on rival teams, then his team dissolved and he joined our team. I finally got to ask him where I knew him from, and that’s when we put together how we’d met before. Our son was born in summer 2014.

Also, especially if you went on to have a baby

We met playing trivia because I started a Meetup group for playing trivia. Continue reading